Testimonial: Chris Peebles

When I first started looking into doing summer sales I was definitely a little skeptical as most people are with the reputation that a lot of summer sales people have. I sat down with many summer sales companies, but Moxie by far stood out from the rest. Rather than the typical interview of being showed the pay scale and being told how much money I could make in a summer, I was told that it would probably the hardest thing I would ever do, but that I would become a better man by doing it. No promises to get rich were made. No big bribes were made to come out and sell. For the first time a summer sales guy told me the truth. I left that interview knowing that I would go with Moxie.  During the summer I was able to have great success. Moxie exceeded my expectations. I knew I was coming to work with an integrity-based company surrounded by honest people, but I still didn’t think I would enjoy doing summer sales. I knew it would be hard work and I knew that I would only make me a better. I can honestly say that I thoroughly enjoyed my experience, mainly due to the people that I was surrounded by. I have never worked for anyone that actually cared about my success not only as a summer salesman but for my future success in the business world, my family, and religious goals.  This past summer I made a lot of money, but I would be willing to turn it all down just for the sales skills, experience, and knowledge I walked away with after selling for Moxie. Thanks to the diligent training meetings every morning I was able to expound upon my communication and relationship building skills that will carry me throughout the rest of my career in whatever I chose to do. Not only did I build my skill set, I also became a better man. That is what Moxie is all about. Most companies have and teach some sort of core values, but at Moxie, we live them.  Now after working just one summer with Moxie, I would go as far to say that anyone who is looking to build a successful future and develop their sales skills would only be cheating themselves by not selling for a summer, or selling for another company.  Come LIVE the Core Values with Moxie, and become a better Man.

-Chris Peebles